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Copyright 4 Educators

This course is a facilitated course that will run from 02 November to 22 December. Enrolments open on October 26.

Who should take this course?

Anyone interested in learning about Australian educational copyright, copyright compliance strategies, and open educational resources (OER).

What will I learn?

This course will equip you with the copyright knowledge to confidently use copyright material in the classroom. It will also introduce OER and teach you how to find and adapt free, useful resources for your classes.

What won't I learn?

This course will not cover law outside of Australian copyright law, and it only gives an introduction to OER. But the School of Open does offer other courses that cover beyond what this course does!

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What is the time commitment?

The course runs for seven weeks, as split up to the left and below. Each week has a different task to complete, which is due the following Sunday. Tasks may take anywhere from half an hour to three hours or more, depending on how much effort you and your group wants to put in that week. Like most things in life- the more time you put into it, the more you will get out of it.

ASLA Wednedsay Webinars
First Wednesday of every month beginning February 4, 2015
#1 -
TL’s working with Principals: Collaborative teaching and learning starts at the top
Wednesday 4 February 2014, 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm, AEST
presented by Alinda Sheerman

1 (Thursday Feb 12)
Campbell HS (Keith Mullumby)
Structuring and scaffolding research
2 (Wednesday May 6)
Yarralumla PS (Jayne Murray)
3 (Thursday July 30)
Alfred Deakin HS (Katrina Schubert)

4 (Wednesday October 21)
Monash PS (Veronica Melville)

Ebuwebinar programs, presentations and webinars
On the 14th October at 8.00 pm Australian Daylight Saving Time (Sydney time) I will be starting a three-part series on Digital Citizenship Elements, Skills Development and Curriculum Connections.
This three-part series on digital citizenship will explore Ribble’s nine elements of digital citizenship (with some future twists), learning activities and strategies to support the development of digital citizenship skills across all year levels, and the Australian Curriculum connections for Digital Technologies and the general capabilities.

Webinar 1 – 14 October 2015: Student learning (Digital access, literacy, & communication)

Webinar 2 – 21 October 2015: School environment (Digital rights & responsibilities, etiquette, & security)

Webinar 3 – 28 October 2015: Life outside the school (Digital commerce, health & wellness, & law)
The series is endorsed for professional learning accreditation by BOSTES QTA (NSW) and TQI (ACT).

This webinar series will help you:
  • Define digital citizenship in the context of education.
  • Identify why it is important to incorporate digital citizenship in the classroom.
  • Understand the scope of each element and its relevance to knowledge and skills development.
  • Select activities and teaching strategies for classroom use to support knowledge and skills development.
  • Align digital citizenship to the Australia Curriculum.

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