Please introduce yourself to the group...

I'm Barbara Braxton and I've been teaching for 40 years and a TL since 1998. I'm supposed to be retired but I can't quite give away my passion so I do casual work around my home town of Cooma and in the ACT (where most of my teaching life has been spent.) As well as my teaching quals I have an M.Ed.(TL). M.App.Sci.(TL),and an M.I.S. (Children's Services) all from Charles Sturt University, for whom I mark regularly. I've written a series of books called All You Need to Teach Information Literacy and I'm the person behind 500 Hats The Bottom Shelf and Book Week for Beginners

I'm Vivian Harris I've been teaching for 6 years and a TL since 2012. Currently living in Canberra but buying a house in Queanbeyan so I'll be back in NSW soon. Didn't work last year but looking for casual work this year. Occupied myself last year by visiting Canberra attractions physically and digitally and making several websites Classroom Canberra, Celebrate the Australian Year and one for my previous location Classroom Macleay. I am active on Twitter, Yammer, Maang, and Facebook groups Icentre and MED TL CSU. Also interested in science, environmental issues and social equity.

My name is Cheryl Thomson, and I was appointed as the Teacher Librarian at Queanbeyan High School at the start of 2013, after completing my Teacher-Librarianship online through ECU. As a former English teacher, it is part of my role at QHS to promote whole-school literacy strategies, and I am also enjoying developing a lot more collaborative teaching and whole-school information literacy strategies with our faculties. However, as a new TL, I am also so glad to be able to make contact with, and ask questions of, my fellow TL colleagues, and learn as much as I can!